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 Published: 19/12/2014

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Published: 19/12/2014

Auckland City Hospital - history overview

  • Starship Children's Hospital opened in 1991. It is one of New Zealand’s key specialist children's health facilities, treating around 120,000 children every year.

  • The Auckland District Health Board's $20 million laboratory and mortuary facility, LabPlus, was opened in late 2000. The high-tech laboratory consolidated the work of 13 laboratories which were located in eight separate buildings. The laboratory is linked to Auckland City Hospital via an air bridge.

  • Auckland's acute adult hospital on Grafton Rd site opened in October 2003. It brings together the services of Auckland, Greenlane Clinical Centre and National Women's Hospitals into one building and links with Starship Children's Health.  

  • Older People’s Health wards were the first patients moved into the new Auckland City Hospital.

  • Auckland City Hospital adult and children's Emergency Departments accepted their first patients in 2003. 

Auckland City Hospital construction

Auckland DHB contracted Jasmax, one of New Zealand’s top architectural firms, to design the new Auckland City Hospital. Jasmax worked with the Australian firm McConnel Smith and Johnson (MSJ) to bring unique expertise in hospital design. Fletcher Construction was awarded the contract to build the new Auckland City Hospital.

Before construction of Auckland City Hospital began a mock-up of a generic ward was built. The idea was that staff and user groups could visit this life-like mock-up and identify any design issues.  To this end, a mock-up of the generic ward plan was built in a warehouse in Glenn Innis. The mock-up was fitted out to look like a generic ward as it would look when built, this meant that staff and designers could check measurements, fittings, furniture, equipment and colour schemes before fitting out the building.  This was to ensure that the very best design and look would be the end result. 

Old Auckland Hospital/Support building

The old Auckland Hospital is now called the Support Building. The Support Building is linked to the modern Auckland City Hospital by an atrium on level 5. Both clinical and non-clinical services are located within the Support Building. Here is a breakdown of the services:

  • Departmental offices associated with clinical services in the Auckland City Hospital's main building.

  • Clinical activities which support inpatient services in the hospital, for example, neurophysiology, endoscopy and respiratory

  • Clinical Base offices for support services

  • Training, teaching and conference facilities

  • Corporate and administration activities

  • Research and teaching space for the University of Auckland Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

  • Transit lounge 

  • Outpatient services not located at Greenlane Clinical Centre