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Your Rights
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 Published: 19/12/2014

Privacy statement
Published: 19/12/2014

Greenlane Clinical Centre



At the Greenlane Clinical Centre we aim to give you our best service at all times.  If you have any questions about our services or your care, please talk to a staff member or contact us. Please read the following information to help your visit to Greenlane Clinical Centre go as smoothly as possible. It is important that you be on time for your appointment. If you arrive late, people who are on time will be seen before you. If for any reason you cannot make your appointment, please let us know, as we might be able to give your time to someone else. To cancel or change an appointment, please call the number on your appointment letter as soon as possible. Local patients: (09) 638 0400. Out of area: 0800 PATIENT (0800 728 4368).

What to bring with you
When you come for an appointment you will need:

  • Your appointment letter.

  • Any medicines that you are currently taking (or a list of them).

  • Money to pay for any prescriptions and for parking.

  • Your passport, birth certificate or New Zealand citizenship certificate to confirm you are eligible for publicly-funded healthcare (if requested in your appointment letter).

  • An overnight bag if you are having surgery that requires you to stay for more than one day.

You can bring a family member or other support person with you. We ask that, if possible, you bring no more than two people with you. In some clinical areas it is only possible for one person to remain with you. If you are bringing children to the clinic, please make sure you supervise them at all times.


When you arrive

When you go through the main entrance of Building 4 of Greenlane Clinical Centre, you will find a directory of departments that will direct you to where you need to go. Our volunteers are also available throughout the day to provide friendly assistance to help you find your way around Greenlane Clinical Centre. The volunteers are easily recognisable in their blue jackets. Should you require a wheelchair, they are available from the information desk just inside the main Greenlane Clinical Centre building. On arrival, please report to the receptionist to let us know you have arrived. The clinic receptionist will check your appointment letter and confirm your current details. If you have changed address, telephone number or GP, please tell the receptionist. To help reduce the spread of infection please wash your hands on arrival and before you leave the building. Hand wash is available at most reception areas and entrances of our buildings.


Your appointment

Each consultant specialist in the hospital has a team of doctors. They will be responsible for your treatment under his or her supervision. You will be seen by a member of their team, but not necessarily by the consultant. Trainee doctors are taught in our hospitals. You may be asked if a trainee doctor can be present at your consultation or involved in your care. If you object, you can say no and this will not affect your treatment in any way. The nurse or doctor will explain what treatments or procedures you will be having and ask for your consent before procedures are carried out. For some procedures, such as operations, you will be asked to give specific consent in writing. As well as seeing the doctor, you may need to visit other parts of the Clinical Centre for tests such as x-rays or blood tests. Please allow extra time for this. If you have to leave the Centre before finishing your appointment, please let the receptionist know. If you are unclear about anything please ask. While we endeavour to see people on time, circumstances outside of our control can cause delays.  If you have registered at the reception desk and have been waiting for more than 30 minutes past your appointment time, please check back with the receptionist.


Personal belongings

Please take care of your personal belongings while you are at Greenlane Clinical Centre. We suggest you leave valuables at home. We cannot accept responsibility for personal items.


Smoking and alcohol

Smoking, alcohol, and recreational drugs are not permitted in any of our buildings or grounds. For advice and support to stop smoking, speak to the nurse or doctor caring for you or contact:

  • Quitline: 0800 778 778

  • Aukati Kai Papa: Maori Quit Smoking Programme: (09) 578 0967

  • Pacific Quit Programme: 0800 867 848

  • Auckland DHB Smokefree Services: 0800 667 833

Zero tolerance to violence

Patients and families have a right to be cared for and staff have a right to work in a safe and supportive environment. Violence of any kind will not be tolerated in our buildings or grounds.


Sharing information about you

We have a Patient Enquiries number - (09) 375 4300. We only give out information about the ward that a particular patient is in and their general condition. If you are a patient and do not want this information shared, please tell a member of our staff.


Your health records

Clinical staff are available to discuss your records with you if you wish. You are also entitled to read your clinical records and can have a free copy of your record or any part of it. To order a copy, please place the following information in an envelope and we will respond to your request within 20 working days:

  • Your name, date of birth, and address.

  • A signed copy of some form of identification (e.g. passport or driver’s licence).

  • An outline of the information required.

Then send this information to:

Release of Information

Clinical Records Department

Auckland City Hospital

Private Bag 92024



Information about your treatment is strictly confidential. The information from your health records may be used to check the quality of services we provide but we will not use the information in any way that identifies you.



The Government requires that all patients prove that they are eligible to receive publicly funded health care. Find out more about eligibility.


Your rights

For more information visit our Your Rights page, with translated versions in Tongan, Samoan, Māori, Korean, Hindi and simplified and traditional Chinese.

Health and disability services
The Health Advocates' Trust provides a free, independent advocacy service to help people ensure their rights are respected. Phone 0800 555 050 or 623 5799 for the Auckland office. The Health and Disability Commissioner is an independent government agency setup to promote and protect the rights of consumers who use health and disability services; help resolve problems between consumers and providers of health and disability services; and improve the quality of health care and disability services.  Visit their website for more information about your rights or call them directly on phone 0800 11 22 33 or 09 373 1060 for their Auckland office.


Health Passport initiative

The Health Passport is a booklet that contains information about how patients would like to communicate and be supported throughout their care. Patients who will benefit most from completing a Health Passport are those who have difficulty communicating, people with dementia and those who visit hospitals frequently. It is up to each individual patient whether or not they want to complete a Health Passport and how much information they include in it.

Contact and more information
Greenlane Clinical Centre: (09) 367 0000

Enquiries about patients: (09) 375 4300
Enquiries about outpatient appointments: (09) 638 0400

Auckland DHB contact and feedback


Greenlane Clinical Centre

214 Green Lane West

Epsom, Auckland 1051

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Your feedback

We always welcome your feedback as it helps us to improve our services. You can talk directly to any of the clinical staff caring for you, or visit our feedback section for more options.